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At mealtime in ancient Siam, a family or group of people would sit on floor cushions surrounding several main courses. A pot of steamed rice, a jug of drinking water and various desserts. Behind them would be trays of fruits to complete the meal.

Today, in modern Thailand, the dining table has replaced the floor cushions of days long gone. Yet dining still retains many of the classic customs of the past.

At Buddha Ruksa we have tried to marry the rich traditions of Thailand with the modern innovation of the pacific northwest. Classy, romantic, warm, chic. These are just some of the words that come to mind when describing our dining room. Zen simplicity meets traditional Thai decor. This is not your average Thai restaurant, but it still feels like Thailand. It still feels like home…

New at Buddha Ruksa: Come visit our new cocktail lounge and sample Thai cocktails and our newly expanded wine list.